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I create clear, crisp documents that tell your story effectively. Together, we'll bring your research, results, news or advocacy to your audience, with the right tools and a strong hook.


Not sure how to show the story you have to tell? I'll help you create the visuals that distil the essence of your message, drawing from years of collaborations with visual artists.


I'll help you sail though your upcoming interview, public announcement or presentation, drawing from my extensive media and public speaking experience. Most importantly, we'll map out responses to objections and questions, so you can defuse them with comfortable ease.


Having a good message isn't the same as having the right message. Reviewing your aims, we'll find your bulls-eye and refine an approach so you stay on-target.


Symbiotic relationships are as powerful in business as they are in nature. I use my deep, broad, eclectic network to introduce you to allies and partners you never expected, in sectors and fields you hadn't considered.


I've built a diverse collection of media contacts both in traditional formats (TV, radio) and new media (podcasts, blogs). We'll give the right people the right pitch to ensure your story gets heard.


A sample of past and present projects.

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Since 2013 I've chronicled the Canadian plug-in electric vehicle market for GreenCarReports.com. My open-access spreadsheet (tinyurl.com/CanadaEVSales) is widely referenced, and I've had the privilege of assisting students, reporters, public servants and researchers with information.

The first person to report monthly Tesla sales figures for any country, I've assessed their vehicles' reliability, analyzed the impact of incentives on plug-in electric vehicle sales and reported on cutting-edge academic research

Media appearances have included CBC TV (pictured above) and radio, Radio-Canada TV and radio (in French), CKNW, CHEK-TV and others. I've discussed EVs on several podcasts, including The Energy Transition Show, Green Energy Futures and Green Majority.

Policy Papers MK has worked on (cropped).jpg


I've co-authored or contributed to a number of policy papers and industry reports, marrying my analytical talents with my  communication skills.

In 2009 I co-authored "Electron-democracy", Ballard Power Systems' contribution to a McKinsey & Company series of white papers on the future of energy, which also featured contributions from Andy Grove and then-US Energy Secretary Steven Chu. (See here for the McKinsey-edited version.) 

I compiled data for QUEST's 2013 Integrated Community Energy Systems progress report and collaborated on the submissions of the Canadian Wind Energy Association and Fraser Basin Council for the B.C. Climate Leadership Plan in 2015. (See here and here.)

I contributed to the Fuel Cell Industry Review in 2015, and the plan is to assist with the 2017 edition as well.

2014 06 05b EV solar system (super small).jpg


In mid-2014 Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt owners were approaching the milestone of having travelled 500 million electric miles (800 million km). Unfortunately, those are pretty abstract numbers.

So I showed these distances overlaid on our system, making them much easier to contextualize.

(Incidentally, if anyone from Toyota is reading this, the 250 million-odd cars you've sold in your history have probably been driven far enough to get halfway to the nearest star, Proxima Centauri!)



Charlotte Argue headshot.jpg

"Matthew is able to summarize technical information in an accessible way, and can adjust his writing style for different audiences.


Having worked on an EV policy report with him, he’s able to condense large data sets into core themes, and articulate the key messages for policy purposes. He seems to be on a constant quest for data, research and knowledge, becoming an expert across many renewable energy-related fields."


"Matthew has been covering the Canadian electric-vehicles beat for Green Car Reports since 2012, and he's a pleasure to work with. He's enthusiastic, knowledgeable, witty, and a good communicator.

He is able to maintain a unique voice while conveying numeric information, and he's a font of ideas for original topics and articles. We work well together and the site is lucky to have Matthew contributing."

Keane Gruending.jpg

"Matthew is a highly knowledgeable analyst and communicator in the sustainable transportation/alternative fuels area. He is an electric vehicle thought leader in Canada and regularly commentates on recent developments.


As part of Renewable Cities' Global Learning Forum 2017, Matthew delivered a workshop on zero-emissions freight to a group of energy planners and other leaders."

Zach Henkin headshot.jpg

"Matthew is a great presenter and is very knowledgeable in regards to clean technology, policy, and how programs can assist in the encouraging public adoption.


Matt has a talent for taking nuanced and complicated topics and making them relatable both through writing and conversation which makes him an asset to any team that can count him as a collaborator. It’s easy to recommend Matt and I look forward to continuing to work with."

Zachary Shahan headshot.jpg

"Superbly thoughtful. Obsessed with deep research. Considerate and tries to achieve perfect objectivity. High quality, high quality, high quality."

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"Matthew displays a rare combination of technical and communications skills. He has been instrumental in turning around contentious supplier relationships at Ballard by patiently building emotional capital up to healthy levels.


His communication skills are reflected in both technically focussed documentation and reports as well as broader "thought pieces". For example, Matthew and I co-authored a paper that was recently published by McKinsey in its "What Matters" series."



Let's help you stand out from the crowd. (Image: lightly-modified ionization track from a bubble chamber.)

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